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Welcome to the Plotagon Wikia. This wikia was created to index all information about the animation site Plotagon.


Plotagon is an animation app developed and released on Microsoft in 2012. The beta period ended in 2013. We plan to index a lot about the animation program and the site. the game was released on moblie on google play on November 15 2014 and on app store in December 8 2015

Did you know?

  • The first saved Plotagon video that wasn't deleted is ID#52. [1]
  • The last saved Plotagon beta video is ID#7940. [2]
  • Plotagon was originally going to be a realistic animation program. [3]

Information is bound to outdate.


  1. Mickis Movie by Klas Holmlund
  2. Will tells joe about Comic Cartel by Comic Cartel
  3. Plotagon animations through 52-7940

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